Community Bible Church Streaming Video

Community Bible Church is now streaming live video on Sunday mornings between 9:30-11:00am. In the mean time, view our latest sermon .

Community Needs Survey

Whether you are a regular attender at CBC or just stumbled onto our website, we would like you to take our Community Needs Survey. This short, anonymous survey will help us to better minister to the local community.

At Community Bible Church

You will find...

A God-centered World View.  We will seek to help you find purpose and meaning in life.

Biblical Preaching.  We will bring timeless truth to bear on real issues that you face in your life today.

Christian Worship. We will join together to praise God in thankfulness for who He is and what He has done for us.

Small groups. We will develop community and relationships so that you will have a church family in which you can grow, care, and love.

Family-oriented Teaching and Activities. We will try to equip you to lead your family with purpose, confidence, and success.

Community Service. We will seek to reach out to those in need, both physically and spiritually.

Evangelism. We will try to extend this vision of Jesus Christ into the community and the world.

We are united to provide...

Help for Living. We often feel overwhelmed by relational difficulties, job pressures, and family stresses. We all face myriad struggles, such as purposelessness, debt, anger, or addiction. With whatever struggle you face, you are not alone. People at CBC have gone through and are going through these real struggles together. With God’s presence and power, we will find hope and strength as a family.

Answers to Hard Questions. At CBC, we don’t shy away from the hard questions of life. Why does God allow evil to exist? Why does He allow suffering? What is our purpose in life? Is there absolute truth? Does prayer accomplish anything? We welcome hard questions and we welcome you to join us as we examine the Bible to answer the deep questions of life.

A Caring Family. At CBC, you will find a loving family to go through life with you, to accept you, and to care for you. You will find individuals that you can in turn reach out to with your own gifts and abilities. In other words, you will find a community and an extended family that will accept you, welcome you, and help you to take spiritual root, grow, and blossom as a child of God.

A Vision of Jesus. At CBC, we demonstrate from the Bible that God is infinitely perfect, right in all His actions, merciful, and loving. God is both the creator of the universe, who rules over it from His lofty heavenly throne, and a personal God, who enters into intimate relationship with people through Jesus Christ. Jesus is so many things that we will spend a lifetime, even eternity, learning about Him.

A Vision for the Future. Our desire is to impact the community and the world one person and one family at a time. As we live our lives for Jesus, we will see restored marriages, tightened family bonds, strength in adversity, help for the poor, purpose for living, and hope for life after death. Will you join us working toward this future? Will you partner with us in spreading the good news about Jesus?